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My 100% handmade sketchbook

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Art is personal and artists makes everything personal. The touch, the hold and the handling altogether by a mortal hand is something special in this world of machines. The Wildchild Handbound sketchbook touches you personally with its uniqueness. The experience of drawing in someone’s craft of love and joy is always unbeatable. But before I share my insights, I want you to know that I’m writing this with all my love and admiration for this beautiful craft. *No sponsorship.

The other day I was thinking about buying a sketchbook to experiment new styles. I ransacked the Amazon and found a unique sketchbook with brown recycled paper and it’s 100% handmade. It is unique for two reasons – it has a unique illustrated cover and since it is handmade, each one has it’s own unique personality.

Illustration of ‘a mother and her child’ on my sketchbook

Though not a woman, I felt the unimaginable enchanting heart of a creation that itself has the power to create the same. And that’s what made me to buy this cover. There are numerous ones like this. They’re all so beautiful and fascinating!

I’ve been using this for more than a month. The 95 GSM paper is excellent for pencil, crayons, charcoal and ink. And good for acrylics, gouache and also for watercolor. But you have to be careful with water mediums as it’s not the watercolor paper. A little extra water can easily create bumps! But for a dry brush technique its quite superb. However, with much attention you can create some cool artworks using wet on wet technique as well.(see below).

Joker in Jail
Watercolor | Ink | Pencil 3H
Reference: Pinterest

Here are some of my artworks I’ve done in this sketchbook

Awake with no eye?!
Watercolor | Ink | Pencil 3H
Inspiration: Pinterest
Note: The color of the paper may vary in each photograph due to different environments. *This is the most appropriate color of the paper in all photographs. Sorry for poor photography skill 😦

I used more water for this(above) but once dried the bumps are tolerable, though.

The Chimney Sweeper
Mechanical Pencil 0.5 and 0.7
Reference: Google images
Tired Babies
Mechanical Pencil 0.7
Reference: Pinterest
Deer Crown
Pigma Micron Pens 01, 02 and 005
Inspiration: Pinterest
Mechanical Pencil 0.7
Inspiration: Pinterest

In the above sketches, you could’ve captured the old school drawing style. Thanks for the brown recycled paper!

And here I add some more artworks for your inspiration ❤

Reference: Pinterest
Watercolour | Pencil 3H | White Acrylic
Reference: From the Movie ‘Hacksaw Ridge’
Painter’s Hand
Watercolor | Ink | Pencil 3H | Acrylic
Reference: Pinterest

That’s it for now!

Click Here to purchase this adorable craft and always remember to support the creative minds that are striving to add some beauty to this world.

Also here you can check out all the Wildchild sketchbooks.

Have a great day!

Happy Painting 🙂

P.S. Some of the sketchbooks may not have the logo but don’t worry, I’ve contacted Wildchild and confirmed it’s originality.


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