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Lost your motivation to draw? Here’s how to get over it.

We all lose over motivation at some point. There are so many reasons to lose our motivation. For me, it happens when I don’t paint anything for more than a week. I find it really hard to start painting again. But certainly, it depends on what kind of person you are. Some of you may lose your motivation when you get a negative comment on your work or not getting enough likes as you’d have expected or not enough support from your friends and family might be the reason. Whatever it may be, you’ve come to the right place. I’ll give you some hacks to get yourself back on track.

This Article has three parts. Staring with my story we’ll move on to discuss the beginners and at last, the experienced artists.

So, here’s my story. Don’t worry, I keep it short and sweet πŸ˜‰

Nine months back I posted this(below) painting on my Instagram. After that, I stopped painting and even sketching – which I used to do in my leisure time. The reason I stopped painting is to concentrate on my studies. But I never expected this huge gap. Now, after so many months I decided to start painting again. At first, I tried to log in to my Instagram and was shocked to know that I had lost my mobile number which I need to complete the two-step authentication process. Now that, I don’t have my Instagram account, I can’t paint like I used to do and to make everything even worse, I’m feeling depressed and anxious.

But the one thing I’m so sure is to get back to painting no matter what. But strangely, I didn’t try to get back my account for some reason. They asked me to send a photo of me holding a code to verify my account but I didn’t do it. I think it’s because my depression and anxieties were so high that I couldn’t think of anything clearly, at the time. But, I tried different things, instead. I tried doodling, sketching on my notebooks, splashing some paint here and there, but nothing seems to bring me back ‘the me’.

Sketch a Day
for Android

Then I decided to join a community to make myself engaged with art. I found out this app called ‘Sketch a Day’. It’s so simple. All you’ve to do is to sketch something relevant to the topic of the day and post it. It helped me a lot to make art every day and the positive comments I got, gave me some motivation to get back on track. Though, I didn’t create anything big it helped me to create something.

50% of something is better than 100% of nothing, right? And to keep the pace, I ordered a new sketchbook in Amazon because new things always give us the motivation to start something new, right? And it was at this time, I decided to start a blog. And here I’m, writing this for you. So yes, sometimes good things happen in bad situations. And luckily, a couple of days ago I got my Instagram account back. I’ll begin painting portraits shortly. So, I hope to see you on Instagram soon πŸ™‚

Okay, let’s move on to the second part. I would say, if you are a beginner, it’s probably your ‘fear’ rather than your lack of motivation. Your fear of criticism and intimidation. And your fear of trying new things. Don’t worry, I’ll never say you to believe in yourself, Trust the process, blah blah blah. Cause this is not a motivational blog, right? But, you need to answer these first, do you have the desire to paint or draw? do you want to create something today? do you want to be an artist? If yes, the below hacks will surely help you to start creating art. If no, please stop reading and find what you like to do first, just go and find your interest.

So here’s the list of things you need to do when you lose your motivation to draw as a beginner.

Join a positive community and create something every day even if it sucks.

Buy some new art materials(best hack ever).

Organize your studio. Or create one πŸ˜‰

Read art books or any books that fascinates your artistic soul.

Feel free to try new medium.

Go for a walk and get inspired.

Look at your old paintings(childhood) and remember those lovely days.

See your favorite artist’s works and comment on them. Who knows? you may get close to them πŸ˜‰

Forget that you’ve last your motivation. Forget that you’re reading a blog about how to get over it. Instead, think like you are the best and just came here to get some inspiration through the stories and information.

Remember to compliment others

Write some good comments on the artworks you like. Give the compliments they deserve. Praising others will definitely help you to forget about yourself. The generation Y is always full of great depressions, doubts and ambiguities. They want to praise others but they feel more discomfort and some are even jealous. Don’t be like that. Come out and breath some fresh air and praise the very nature.

According to Rudyard Kipling, ‘these are caused due to a variety of causes but the chief cause of which is egotism of the human animal itself.’ In his speech, to the students at McGill University, he says, ‘that the chief cure for it is to interest yourself, to lose yourself in another man’s trouble or, preferably, another man’s joy.’ ‘In other words, take anything and everything seriously except yourself.’

As of beginners, these are the ways to keep yourself in the path of creation and here comes the final part.

If you’re an experienced artist, lack of motivation doesn’t happen easily. That’s why you’re called an ‘experienced’ one. But if you feel so, the reason for it differs from person to person. But I think, it’s probably your desire to create something new, you might be bored with your current style and want to take the road not taken. I personally used to feel like this when I crave to explore new possibilities. Well, I can’t be so sure though. Just do some research on yourself, embrace your journey and go ahead. Art is full of mysteries and so the artists. Even your doubts may become your masterpiece one day. Never give up.

Happy Painting πŸ™‚

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Thank you.

Love, AppleHead


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