Here I am

Hi, I’m Athithya Paramesh, watercolor portrait artist. I love to paint creative and expressionistic portraits. I’m doing my B.A in English Literature. So, often I get my inspirations from literature 🙂

To me Art is…

I think art is not about the outer looks and external beauty but the inner beauty and the divine soul that lies inside every object in the universe. The purpose of an artist is to bring this very soul out of its mortal body. To me, art is a realm of eternity. I can’t make people immortal but of course I can make the world remember them through my art. That’s my only goal. Each day I want to make a person into an eternal being who dwells forever in my canvas.

My Pseudonym

My inspiration for my pseudonym – AppleHead – came from the apple fruit. However, it’s not from a regular apple but from the inspiring apples that changed the world – Adam’s apple, Newton’s apple and Steve Jobs’ Apple.

Join me in this incredible journey!

Let the art talk for humanity. Let the art bring peace and gay 🙂

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