3 Apps every artist need so badly in 2019

Before we get into our list, I’m happy to tell you that this is my first blog post and I’m feeling so excited. The purpose of this blog is to share some exciting contents on art. Yeah! there’s going to be so much fun. With all this excitement, here are the apps you need so badly as an artist in 2019.

Click on the images to download the app.

1. Drawing references: Portraits and Poses

Free and Pro version (one-time purchase 99.00)

Are you learning to draw portraits? Are you tired of finding that perfect reference image with public domain? Here’s an app that provides you with tons of free for commercial use images, of portraits and poses. It also comes with so many tools like grid, axis, flip, blur and overlay – place the photo of your drawing above the reference photo to find your mistakes.


  • Great collection of photos.
  • Overlay tool.
  • Search Unsplash within the app for more photos.
  • ‘Timed Practice’ feature for improving your skills in speed and accuracy.

Pro version: disable ads, unlock all photos, include your own reference photos through Google Drive and overlay a photo of your drawing on top of the reference photo. The good news is its a one-time purchase of 99.00 which is roughly $1.41 You can unlock all features forever.

2. Sketch a Day

Sketch a Day’s concept is simple as it says. It gives you a new topic every day and you have to sketch or paint it and share it. Believe me, it’s such an awesome and friendly community. It helps greatly to keep you motivated and gain the habit of drawing daily. Consistent practice is a ‘must have’ quality for every artists regardless of their level of experience. So, go ahead and start drawing everyday starting from today 🙂


  • Nice and friendly community.
  • Fresh and elegant app design.
  • Fascinating topics every day.
  • Friendly developer whom you can always contact by clicking on ‘Contact Tom’ for suggestions and reporting bugs.
  • Also available for IOS

Okay, let’s move on to the final piece!

3. Art Saga

Free (contains ads – c’mon, you can bear that)

Do you like to show off? If so, then this app is right for you. It’s always cool to wear the geek cap in the room. And this app let you be an art geek – or at least make you look like one – without much effort. Each day, through a new story, you can learn so many things about an art work. Download this app right now and impress your friends with exciting information.


  • Chat about art with a wise owl.
  • A gallery of HD paintings.

And Here’s One More!

4. Paper CopyTracer

This might come in handy 😉

Despite an old app this is the only app of its kind. It’s a simple tracing app which allows you to trace a photo by locking the screen and increasing the brightness.

That’s it. Hope you find this article useful.

Happy Painting 🙂


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